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"It is the aim

of the modern artist

to give expression to

his inner vision of man,

to the spiritual background

of life and the world".

- Carl Jung


About Custom Artwork


Custom orders are always welcomed. 


I do a lot of custom commissions both for home, office, and corporate.


I really enjoy working directly with my buyers to achieve an incredible, one of a kind, statement for their space.


Whether its a special color scheme, size of piece for a room, or a large corporate installation ---I can work with you to create just the right special artwork for your space!


Large or small, I can create a custom work with your preferences and space in mind.


I look forward to hearing from you!


Just drop me an email.


:-) Rosemary





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Rosemary Pierce-Lackey is an modern abstract artist living in Dallas, Texas with collectors internationally.

You can view available works here Commissioned projects are always welcomed.