rosemary pierce-lackey   


This particular series of works is created with all recycled materials including scrap paper, discarded magazines, junkmail, and consumer packaging. 

I love taking something ordinary and facilitating its evolution to extraordinary.

Pieces vary in size from 18 x 18 inches up to 48 x 48 inches.  Smaller works are in the $300-500 range and larger ones ranging from $1000-$2500. I take pride in making my art accessible to all through a variety of price points.



    Hello Tomorrow                                                          Daisy Pop

    18 x 18 inches                                                                  18 x 18 inches



     Because There's More to Life                                                         Little Pieces of Life

     48 x 48 inches                                                                                          18 x 18 inches



     Pieces of Life No2                                                       Pieces in Black, White, Red

     24 x 24 inches                                                                  24 x 24 inches



     Tree of Many Colors No2                                     Swarm of Squares on a Sunday Afternoon

      24 x 24 inches                                                             24 x 18 inches



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